haptic imagery to explore the confrontation between our consensual reality and the internal experiences of individuals. Long standing inspirations have been Ren Hang, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Julia Kristeva, and Octavia Butler among others.

I aspire to continue a broad artistic practice that includes multiple genres of film and creative projects outside the film medium, including sewing, writing, and playing the cello. 


Emma Rose (She, Her) is a filmmaker and visual artist working out of Somerville, Massachusetts. She has worked with many high profile studios and clients including Columbia University, The National Lawyers Guild, PBS, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Emma studied film at Vassar College and was granted the The David C. Magid Memorial Prize in Cinematography for her outstanding work in both 


My personal work weaves together archival history, theory, and speculative fiction into real stories. Phases of my artistic process begin with details and suspicions that compile into collections before becoming a piece of work.

In the last year, I have returned many times to the themes of trust, secrecy, and a reasonable right to privacy. My work uses textural and

cinematography and academic excellence. Her thesis documentary, Dear Goddess, was nominated at multiple film festivals and awarded Best Experimental Film at the Southern Sunset Film Festival in 2017. 


After graduating in 2017, Emma worked at Spectrum Media- Boston, assisting in the coordination of a symposium film festival that explored the media’s role in perpetuating the military industrial complex. In 2019, she completed directing and editing a 30-minute documentary on the Boston Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. At Columbia University, Emma associate produced on a documentary, Local Heroes, that followed Indigenous Activists around the globe leading in the development of nature-based solutions to the climate crisis. 


Emma has also trained as a special education teacher. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Emma closely links her passion for film with a curiosity quenched through visual storytelling and a love of alternative learning. She continues to work in education, both as a Swiss Institute art history educator in collaboration with GO PROJECT, and in the creation of accessible continuing educational videos for EDx programs at Columbia University and MIT.