Emma Rose is a professional freelance creative director, researcher, cinematographer and editor who lives in Queens, New York. She has worked with many high profile studios and clients including The Smithsonian, Columbia University, Errol Morris, The National Lawyers Guild, and PBS as well as maintaining a focus on creating accessible education through her video work at MIT. 


Emma studied film at Vassar College and was granted the The David C. Magid Memorial Prize in Cinematography for her outstanding work in both cinematography and academic excellence. Her thesis project, Dear Goddess, was nominated at multiple film festivals and awarded Best Experimental Film at the Southern Sunset Film Festival in 2017. After completing her degree in 2017, Emma delved into documentary filmmaking while pursuing a robust multi-media personal practice. 


Emma has also trained as a special education teacher. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Emma closely links her passion for film with an early desire for comprehensive alternative learning techniques. Her daily practice of personal research that contributes to her passion for filmmaking began with her desire to supplement an unaccommodating educational system. Both through teaching and filmmaking, Emma enjoys communicating knowledge.