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Massachusetts Dissent

Commissioned Documentary for the National Lawyers Guild Mass Chapter (2019)

After the ravages of McCarthyism, the Mass Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild began to rebuild. In Massachusetts Dissent, the Mass Chapter founders tell stories of their politicization, their contribution to the reemergence of the Mass Chapter, and the work they have done with the National Lawyers Guild since its re-founding in the late 1960's. Today, the National Lawyers Guild plays an important role in protecting organizers and protestors working for justice and human rights. The founders share their hopes and trepidations for the future and wisdom to today’s public-interest lawyers on how to continue to orient their skill sets against all forms of oppression.

Following the Fleeting

A collaborative piece between ILana Manolson and Emma Rose (2019)

Emma Rose worked as the cinematographer and editor on Following the Fleeting, a video commissioned by Concord, MA, based artist, ILana Manolson. Manolson, who has won numerous awards and currently has a solo exhibition at the Cadogan Contemporary Gallery in London in April 2019. This piece explores the background and inspiration of Manolson's practice and has recently been published by the Mass Cultural Council. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 1.50.34 PM.png

Independent Film, 2017

An epistolary narrative between a Ebay buyer, a young student, and her feet.

Winner of Best Experimental Film

The Southern Sunset

Undergraduate Film Festival

Collaborative with Claudia Leung and Michael Rose,


Independent Film, 2016

Independent Film, 2016